About Us

Why Sicily? Because an holiday in our sunny and beautiful island means to take back your time and your own true feelings to enjoy a totally relaxing time. Experience Sicily, dive into its everyday life, its history and its people whose civilization and colors has been filled by customs and traditions of the countless of different invaders that came over the centuries. All these populations fought in order to benefit of the richness and beauty of an almost mythical island.  

Book and stay at one of our Holiday Home or Villa and have a relaxing time, enjoy the sea and the excellent food, all combined with the possibility to experience true local interactions - stay at a holiday home in a city of art where cathedrals, churches and street markets ( real suks from the Arab period) prevail, or in a holiday resort where the glory of the sea is the king, or even in one of the smaller islands where you could have a unique experience and stay in a typical “dammuso” in Pantelleria island or in an apartment built with lava stones in the Aeolian islands.