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If you book a structure, you accept the regulation without exception. The reservations relate to five types of services: stays in hotel facilities & extra-hotel facilities, renting of houses for tourism purposes, creation of own stays & facilities packs, bookings of stays offered by several Tour Operators, booking of facilities like transfers, excursions, etc.

It is possible to make a reservation by sending an e-mail, this reservation will be confirmed in case of available, by e-mail, too.

To confirm the reservation the client have to pay a deposit of 30%, by bank transfer or postal money order. To settle the bill you have to pay in advance 45 days before the date of arrival. When the client will pay the account, he will receive a voucher with the information to reach the structure & further useful information about it. Why Sicily? could delete a reservation in case of no payment.

If the client wants to modify the confirmed reservation, he has to inform Mosaica, that, where possible, will provide to change the reservation. It's not allowed change the structure & the period.

If the client wants to delete the reservation, he has to inform immediately Mosaica by writing. The cancellation of a reservation foreseen the payment of the penalties: 

50 % of the total cost of rent - 90 to 61 days before arrival date

80 % of the total cost of rent - 60 to 31 days before arrival date

100 % of the total cost of rent - 30 to 01 days before arrival date

The entry to the structure is allowed from 16:00 to 20:00, the first day of renting. We'll be glad to welcome, where possible, the clients before confirmed time table. The structure have to be leaved between 09:00 & 10:00 of the departure's day. The client have to communicate, at the moment of booking, the exact hour of arrival. It is not foresee any refund if the client does not arrive the fixed day, or for a departure ahead of time. At arrival the client has to show to the owner, or a representative, his own travel document.

When the client receive the property's keys, he has to pay to the owner, or a representative, a deposit to pay in cash & in Euro. This deposit will be returned to the departure time, if the structure does not have any damages or additional costs not included into the bill of renting. The owner, or a representative, can forbid the entry into the structure if the client didn't pay the deposit.

The structures are reserved esclusively for the clients inserted in the reservation form. The people who aren't inserted in the reservation form can't stay into the structure, unless it is agreed with Why Sicily?. It is not foresee any refund if there are fewer people to occupy the structure.

The Vacation Houses aren't official hotel facilities like, for example, hotels, residences, etc., but are private houses with a tourism purpose, for this the final cleaning is obligatory & is excluded any additional service like: cleaning during the stay & bed-bath linen. These services can be request, reserved & paid in loco. These structures haven't standards & aren't recognize at international levels, but are built with a typical architecture. Certains structures are de luxe, certains are more traditionals. Dishes, cutlery, pots, furniture, fridge, water heater are always availables, but coffee machine, tea kettle, toaster, etc. are not always availables in every structure.

The client, that sign the contract, is responsible for own behaviour. Mosaica can annul the contract before its expire without any notice & refund if the client make danger or damages to the structure on renting or to the neighbourings structures.

The client guarantee to treat with extreme care the structure & the furniture take on renting. The client must communicates every damage or problem to Mosaica as soon as possible.

The structure is clean when left rented. The client has to pay, in loco, to owner, or a representative, the bill for final cleaning, like fixed into the web site or into the house description. This amount not include the kitchen cleaning & rubbish removal that are at client expense. If the client does not do that, the owner, or a representative, can charge an extra expense for it.

For every kind of complaint, during the stay, the client must informs Mosaica immediately. The client has to show a complaint by writing in 48 hours. If the problem is not communicated in a correct way, Mosaica, declines all responsibility in case of complaints.

For every possible dispute that derives from the contract, the competent court will be the Palermo's court, that will apply the italian legislation.